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We began as a group seeking a seasonal ban on leaf blowers in Greenwich.  When an extremely modest proposal, supported by our selectmen, was put before the town representatives in June 2012, the RTM voted it down. This proposal was much weaker than what we wanted--it would have only banned some uses of leaf blowers and only applied to the month of August--but nevertheless the RTM was too shortsighted to pass it for the well being of the citizens of Greenwich. Since that time the leaf blower menace has only grown worse in Greenwich and in many other towns and it will continue to do so unless concerned citizens refuse to tolerate these menaces to our health and peace of mind.  If you support any kind of reduction in the use of leaf blowers please join our organization (for free) and sign in our members page so you can be counted as a supporter.  We need every one of you.  Tell your friends to join as members also.  

Electric leaf blowers are less toxic and less noisy than gasoline powered leaf blowers so they are preferable. However, all leaf blowers are harmful to the environment and to human health, they are annoying and loud, and most of the time they simply are un-necessary.  Please encourage your neighbors and your legislators to reduce or eliminate leaf blower usage!!  Be active and help to get the word out about the harmful impacts of leaf blowers and about our right to peace and quiet in our neighborhoods and our communities.  Go to our page labelled health hazards for more information about the dangers of leaf blowers.

 VISIT THE WEBSITE OF THE GROUP "NOISE FREE AMERICA."  They are working to battle noise pollution on many fronts and are allies in our struggle to eliminate gas powered leaf blowers.  They have had several petitions over the last year which you might want to sign on to: 


 Meanwhile, be sure to check out a new group which has formed in Lincoln, MA to combat leaf blowers, called Quiet Communities.  Visit their website at  They are doing a great job publicizing the harmfulness of leaf blowers.  Other groups are forming all over the country and in other parts of CT.  At least 400 towns around the United States already limit or ban leaf blowers.  Washington DC is contemplating a complete ban. Hawaii has a statewide limitation on them.  The entire country of Israel has banned them.  It's only a matter of time before things change and leaf blowers--these noxious invaders of our peace and quiet (and health)--will be banned from our communities! 



Check out the news stories about us on-line and on our links page, and visit our "News" page to read more about what we've been doing and the status of our campaign.  

It is time Greenwich joins some 400 towns around the United States in limiting or banning the use of leaf blowers.   We believe that as citizens of Greenwich we should be able to enjoy our own properties free of the interference of noisy, smelly, toxic leaf blowers being used on our neighbors properties.  The current town ordinance allows leaf blowers to be operated 7 days per week, all day long, year round, including even Holidays.  It's time we ask our elected representatives for some protection from these dangerous and disturbing machines.  Read our news page to learn all about the toxic health effects of leaf blowers.

Please sign in as a member on our member page so that we can add your name and email address to our list of supporters.  We don't need your money but we do need you to add your voice in support of our initiative!  Please email Selectmen Tesei, Marzullo and Theis asking them to support a summertime ban and letting them know how you feel about leafblowers (their email addresses can be found on our volunteer and support page).  Also contact the members of the Greenwich Board of Health and Director Caroline Baisley.  Addresses for all are on this page, below.

Check back to this site frequently to be updated on our activities and to find out how you can become involved.  Thanks for visiting our site!




Speak up!  Send emails to your Selectmen, and call them, and also write to the Board of Health. Please save a copy of anything you write and also send a copy to us at  or post it here on the web site in the guest book

Send an email to your Selectmen, whose email addresses are accessed at 

Send an email to Board of Health Director Robert Carangelo at

Other health board members can be emailed at:

Robert l. Ailleo, DMD

Peter Arturi, MD 

Marilyn Cahn, MD 

Michael Franco, MD

Kurt Schaffir  

Naomi Tamerin, MD 

and to Health Department Director Caroline Baisley at: